Why would you do this?

  • A secure future for yourself and others
  • To make regular savings to cope with the unexpected
  • To provide a basis to allow you to borrow at a time that is best for you

Why us?

  • We support our local community
  • Your money is safe with us
  • You have flexibility to save as much or as little as you choose when it suits you
  • We provide a personal and friendly service

A great way to save

  • Annual £5 membership fee – no other hidden charges
  • Come to our Bedford main office during opening hours
  • Provide identity, proof of address and deposit a minimum of £5
  • Simple straightforward regular savings by
    • Depositing funds at our Bedford Office or any of our collection points
    • Standing order directly from your bank account
    • Payroll deduction directly from your salary with your employer’s consent
    • The receipt of benefit payments directly to your account
    • Salary / wages paid directly to your account
    • Payments made via the internet
  • You can save up to £15,000 per member and this sum is fully protected through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Simple straightforward access to your savings by
    • Making withdrawals from our Bedford Office
    • Requesting a transfer of money onto your prepaid debit card
    • Requesting a transfer of money to your bank account
    • Requesting a cheque

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Bedford Credit Union Limited. Our registered office is 6 St Paul’s Square, Bedford, MK40 1SQ. We are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the PRA (Company No. 213900).